While numerous individuals decide on cell phones from notable and legitimate organizations like Apple, Samsung, OnePlus or even Huawei or Oppo, there are a lot of other lesser-realized organizations making cell phones. Presently it seems like Warner Bros. could be getting into the cell phone making game with an Avengers Android telephone, yet when you hear the remainder of the story, you’ll comprehend why we are so distrustful about this. Try not to get excessively energized at this point!  More info


The people at Piunika Web detected a gadget recorded as the “Android Avengers” telephone on a rundown of gadgets which passed the Google Play affirmation measure early this week. In fact, the gadget could be a tablet, a telephone, maybe a computerized funnies peruser or some other contraption on the grounds that the rundown doesn’t really say it is a cell phone. The gadget was recorded close by another with the promoting name “DC_Comics_G9.” “Warner Bros.” is given as the “retail marking” for the two gadgets.


In view of these brand names, we see numerous issues. On the off chance that you aren’t into funnies and superheroes, you may not see the issues at first.


What’s more, here are altogether the issues with it


Above all else, while Warner Bros. distributed an Avengers film in 1998, the Avengers brand is really possessed by Marvel, which is claimed by Walt Disney. Warner Bros. as a matter of fact claims the DC Comics universe, which incorporates saints like Batman and Superman. As a feature of the Marvel universe, the Avengers could never run into DC saints on the grounds that the two brands are immediate contenders of one another.


In this way, we could never expect Warner Bros. to collaborate with Marvel for an Avengers Android telephone. From a business angle, that just wouldn’t bode well. No official declaration about the gadget has surfaced, so it’s impossible to tell where the gadget really originates from or what it really is. In the event that a trustworthy organization is wanting to deliver it, at that point we would anticipate some sort of declaration sooner or later, however up to that point, this posting leaves unquestionably a greater number of inquiries than answers.

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