Revealed: How Billionaires Become Billionaires  

Who wants to be a billionaire?

The right question is who does not wish to be a billionaire?

Isn’t it funny how everybody wants to be a millionaire and yet in our minds, deep down in us we have a voice    Conversational AI platform   telling us “Pff! That’s only a dream and will remain simply that – a dream.”

I just downgraded and used the term “millionaire” because I know you folks believe that becoming a millionaire is more “realistic” and more or less closer to home than getting to the billionaire level. Another bad habit that we carry in us every single day is that deep, deep toxic belief that weeds our minds: that we are aiming too high or that we are ahead of ourselves. Really, we’re not.

Change your mindset; change your financial life

I had to put mindset before everything else because mindset is everything! If you grew up hearing things like “money doesn’t grow on trees”, “I just can’t afford it” or “we don’t have enough”… , all these have formed the financial blueprint you have in regards to money. All these have created negative thoughts in you about money. And you wonder why you’re always broke, or scared you’ll lose your money and skeptical about everything that has to do with money: your instilled financial blueprint. If you’re scared to lose money, you’ll always find yourself in scarcity of cash, if keep complaining you don’t have any, you’ll stay broke. If you’re the type that goes like ” well, money’s not that important”, that tells me you’re broke! (no offense meant here)

Allow yourself to dream big. Allow yourself to set high goals, write them down even if you have much personal doubt. Ignore the doubt voice and kill it by believing the opposite, no matter how loud the doubt voice is. If your goal was to make $1,000 a week (we always start small, right?), dare to add one more 0 to the $1,000 ($10,000/week). It is possible, but only if you believe it is.

The simple formula for making billions

These young billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Jan Koum (Whatsapp) or the like (all of whom are under the age of 40, by the way!) are not any different from you and I (besides the billions, of course, the drive/motivation and the mindset they had.). They all “spotted” something that was missing and that people needed. So they created that (valuable) missing thing and people were happy: they happily bought in the product and their need was filled.

As these guys gained profits, they reinvested their earnings in other areas of business. I guess that’s what real financial experts would call diversifying. And the rest is history.

The things all these thriving companies have in common is, not only are they internet businesses, but they are also businesses that have disrupted the markets they play in, and that others have invested their money in.

The rich don’t work for money; the rich invent the money

No, I do not mean printing money illegally. You can “invent your own money” simply by starting your own business. Be sure to do a market search and look for gaps that you can fill. Create/offer value to people. If you are not the business-curious type, you can learn to be an investor and invest to make your money create more money.

I may not be a billionaire yet like the young men I mentioned above, but I strive to be one, and I do so by following – or at least learn to follow – their formula. I have founded a business of my own – Malkia Boutique – that others are investing in. By others, I mean customers, those who eagerly wish to have what the business offers. I have managed to expand in other areas as well by investing in an online marketing business. I had to do my research of course before joining one (an online business, that is). A business that offers 80% of their income profits to their affiliates and a business that is creating more and more millionaires each year and a system that does all the selling part, that was enough conviction for me.


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